Life After HDC: Bailee Edgecombe

Life After HDC: Bailee Edgecombe

HDC grad, Bailee Edgecombe, is a 25 year old hairstylist who graduated in February 2019. In 9 short months after graduating, Bailee has been promoted from a Level 1 to a Level 3 stylist, earning significantly more money than most of her peers. Bailee credited HDC’s Business Building and Social Media Programs to her success. We were able to catch up with Bailee to ask her about our program.

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How did HDC help prepare you to start your career in Cosmetology? HDC helped prepare me for my career in many ways. HDC is a hands-on program for the most part; the school salon is extremely busy with lots of opportunities for developing skills as a stylist. Their strong business building program within the curriculum was a great guide to helping me succeed as a stylist. 

How has the business building program in your HAIR program helped you gain clientele once you started your career in Cosmetology? HDC has a “level jumping” program which focuses on key components to becoming a successful stylist with a happy loyal clientele. From how to greet your guest to how to retain your guests’ long term. 

How has the social media program in your HAIR program helped you gain clientele once you started your career in Cosmetology? Social Media is an amazing free tool for businesses to grow. During my time at HDC I learned not only how to use apps but also how to affectively target my audience. Social Media is an amazing way to share your work and stay connected with your guests/ meet new guests. I’m grateful HDC integrated this program within our curriculum.

What was the biggest take away from the business building program in the HAIR program? One of the biggest take-aways from the business building program was tracking your business!! You can’t know how your business is doing if you aren’t personally tracking how your business is being run. Knowing your numbers, what you’re doing on a day in day out basis is most important for growth. Set goals, make an action plan and track your success!!

What’s was the biggest take away from the social media program in the HAIR program? One of my biggest take-aways from the social media classes would be to stay active with your audience as well as content vs. quality content and how to make quality content. 

What have you learned not to do in a business environment? There are many dos and don’ts I have learned within the business environment. I have learned the importance of consistency and transparency. By that I mean consistency with your services being provided as well as customer experience. Every guest deserves the same amazing experience, from greeting, to product recommendations to the goodbye. Transparency with clients is key, explaining the why a service is necessary and what will happen during the service. My guest should know how long an appointment will be, how much it will cost and how they will look at the end of service before any service should begin. 

 What kind of tips and tricks did you learn about retaining your clients? Has it been helping you create a clientele base after graduating? I learned many tips and tricks from my teachers at HDC that I use regularly in the salon. One piece of advice that always sticks with me is to “never live in your client’s pocket.” Every guest deserves the same experience and same recommendations, it is not up to us to pre-determine if they can or cannot afford it. It is our job to make sure they are aware a service or product is there for them. 

Tell me about the success you’ve had since entering the salon? What do you think helped you with this success? I feel like I have been extremely successful since beginning my career at the Head Shoppe. I would attribute this to goal setting. I make a goal; I make a plan to achieve my goal and nothing can stop me from achieving my goals. I have setbacks all the time in my personal and professional life. Nothing is perfect but once you set your mind to something you can achieve it. Making goals is different than dreams. When you make a goal, you make a plan and you stick to that plan! 

What advice would you give someone taking one of our programs at HDC? My best piece of advice would be don’t sweat the small stuff, there will be plenty of little mistakes in learning your new skill. Don’t let those bumps discourage you. 

Why is having strong technical and business skills important in your professional cosmetology career? The technical and business building skills taught at HDC, on the salon floor and in the classroom, truly prepares you for your career with both aspects being equally important in maintaining success as a stylist. I felt extremely confident starting my career with the foundation I was given at school. 

Tell us how social media marketing has contributed/played a role in your success as a STYLIST? Social media keeps me connected with my guests and current with styles and trends from all over the world. It is extremely important to me to stay visible and active on social media it is most definitely a necessary tool in my career. 

How has the business building program improved your communication skills when talking and listening to your clients? HDC prepared me to know how to not only communicate with my clients but how to build a strong relationship with them to ensure we both are happy with the service. Making sure, as I said earlier, to be transparent and consistent always!! 

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