Transform Your Career Through Business Building

Transform Your Career Through Business Building

by Debbie Ross

Throughout her career as a stylist, education was always a priority for Debbie. She invested her time and energy into upgrading courses and acquiring additional certifications to grow in the industry.


“I found joy in being able to employ my fellow stylists and estheticians in the industry, while keeping my business strong”. Debbie knew that owning her own salon would allow her to have flexibility while raising a family and further her financial opportunity in the industry.

Debbie believes that with the passion and training she has, she was able to take her career to places others didn’t seem possible. “Starting my career in small town Nova Scotia, I had many people tell me I would never be successful. Because of my dedication and business building knowledge through Salon Resource Group I was able to achieve my financial goals like owning a home, putting my children through university, and having financial freedom to do the things I enjoy.”

Being a former stylist at the Head Shoppe helped her gain knowledge related to the business building aspect of the industry and whole heartily believes the business building side of SRG has had a huge contribution to her success. “The business building side has literally changed my life for the better, and how I perceive the industry. Through tracking the number of clients, pre-booking, referrals, services and retail I was able to concentrate on areas of booking my schedule more efficiently allowing me to make more money. This company also holds their education to a high standard, ensuring that I’ve always been in the know of what’s new and trending in the industry.”

At Hair Design Centre, we give students the tools they need to not only learn their trade, but also how to make it a business. This is what makes our school different than others out there. The practical experience students get combined with business building education gives them the confidence and certainty they can accomplish anything.

“When I took cosmetology many years ago I did not have the same resources that HDC students have today. The fantastic education that we have at HDC, in particular the business building program, gives our students a head start in the industry. Many of the important lessons students learn during their time at HDC I wasn’t fortunate enough to learn in the early part of my career. I can truly say that our program sets our students up for success and to also achieve all the things that they dream of.”

Students looking to enroll in the Hair Design Program can expect a full time diploma course, consisting of 1500 hours over a 10 month time frame. Students will learn the core skills it takes to be a stylist, as well as business building courses.  These business building courses will teach students  a variety of skills that will help them navigate a day to day routine in salons. These courses include: career planning, pre-booking appointments, client retention, and retail selling.


Picking a career can be overwhelming.

Not only do you need to consider your passion and skills; you also need to look at the long-term implications for your life. In our latest guide, we show you what goes into building and sustaining a successful career in hair design. From finances to security—we give you an unfiltered view behind the scenes.

We’ve put together this guide to explain why more millennials are choosing a career in hair design than ever before and to reveal the benefits you can expect if you choose this career.

Esthetics program at HDC

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