Become a Business Savvy and In-Demand Cosmetologist

Become a Business Savvy and In-Demand Cosmetologist

Crystal Innes is a 24 year old esthetician who graduated from our Esthetics Program in February 2019. She has already Level Jumped, giving her the opportunity to increase her income. Crystal credits her success to our Business Building programs. Learn more about her experience with us.


How did HDC help prepare you to start your career in Cosmetology?

HDC has helped me in many ways in my career in cosmetology with their curriculum, guest speakers, educators and lots of technical time to prepare for the future work in a spa. HDC did a thorough job in covering all the basic esthetic requirements to ensure that we were ready to start advanced education as soon as we stepped out into our field.

How has the business building program in your ESTHETICS program helped you gain clientele once you started your career in Cosmetology?

The way that we learn to build our business in school is the exact way you would build in any spa, so they are setting you up for success. However, the great thing about learning it in school is if you have any questions there are always lots of educators available to help you. Building a business in school is a great way to gain confidence in your work and communicating with the public. As soon as you grasp the aspect of building a clientele, you are on the road to reaching your goals. 

How has the social media program in your ESTHETICS program helped you gain a clientele once you started your career in Cosmetology?

The social media class was a good tool to teach us how to captivate the digital world. Social media is a huge vehicle to of building a successful business. Everyone does everything online nowadays. It’s important, as a service provider, to be up to date with an appropriate online presence to represent our business in the most professional way possible.

What’s was the biggest take away from the business building program in the ESTHETICS program?

The biggest thing I’ve learned about building a business is that it is our attitude and our eagerness that is going to make us successful. We, the service providers, are in charge of our income and our own passion will be the key to success in this competitive industry.

What’s was the biggest take away from the social media program in the ESTHETICS program?

Social media is one of the fastest ways to build a business if you’re consistent. Social media is not only use to post your appointment availability but it’s also a tool to educate your clients about homecare, helpful facts and to showcase your work. You can keep your page professional while still showcasing your personality in it.

What kind of tips and tricks did you learn about retaining your clients? Has it been successful in helping you create a clientele after graduating?

Building rapport with clients by asking lifestyles questions about their work, hobbies, families etc. and then opening up about myself and letting them into my life as well. It’s important to build trust with your clients and have their best interest at heart to ensure that they are getting the best experience. Putting the client first will always be beneficial for both parties. 

Tell me about the success you’ve had since entering the salon? What do you think helped you with this success?

I’ve been with HS Studio for almost five months now and I have had lots of success, such as jumping from a level one to a level two and three best-ever weeks! Since I’ve been successfully building my business, I’ve also gained a lot of confidence in my line of work just through experience and education through the company.

What advice would you give someone taking one of our programs at HDC?

I would say that you need to stay focused, patient and passionate. The Esthetics Program is extremely intense, so it is easy to become overwhelmed from time to time. Just take it day by day and do things at your own pace without comparing yourself to others. Help others when you can and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you are struggling. 

Why is having strong technical and business skills important in your professional cosmetology career?

Having strong technical skills is important in this industry because esthetics services are an indulgence, and you want to make sure that your work is reflective of your price point. If you are providing a quality service, your clients are more drawn to come back to you. However, if you don’t layer your technical with strong business skills you may struggle to be able to turn a walk-in into a pre-booked client.  Building a business is not only about promotions, it’s about building trust with your guests.  

Tell us how social media marketing has contributed/played a role in your success as an ESTHETICIAN?

Developing a social media strategy has helped bring in new clients to my cabin. I think that social media is a wonderful way of reaching out to people you don’t know and an awesome way to meet new people for building your business.

How has the business building program improved your communication skills when talking and listening to your clients?

When building a business, you do not only gain a clientele, but you also want to improve as a service provider. You learn how to not only listen to your client’s indirect questions but also become a professional in reading body language. Being able to know what your client wants and needs without them having to actually tell you will lead you to a successful business

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