The Growing Esthetics Industry

The Growing Esthetics Industry

by Lisa Todd

Lisa Todd is the Lead Esthetics Educator at the Hair Design Centre. She graduated as an esthetician in 1998 and started her career in a tiny hair salon. She then transitioned into luxury spas before deciding that teaching others by sharing her knowledge was where her passion was. This led Lisa to her career with the Hair Design Centre back in 2015. Lisa wanted to share her insights to new students considering a new career path into the ever-growing world of esthetics.


If I had to sum up the Esthetics industry in one word, it would have to be growth.

Esthetics has been around for centuries and the definition has not changed. Trust me when I say if you have passion and drive, becoming an esthetician is the right choice for you. I speak from the heart in saying it is so rewarding to know that you could change a client’s life. You have the ability to make your clients feel their absolute best, and put a smile on their face.

Estheticians are the only industry (aside from the medical field) that has permission to touch their clients – this is an absolute privilege.

The advanced education and professional support is endless in esthetics. You have the chance to continue to grow and learn with endless opportunities. You determine your own success in this industry. A huge part of this is taking educational classes any chance you get. Starting school is the beginning of your journey, but it doesn’t stop there. Never lose the focus of growing your game and becoming the best you can be.

Furthermore, becoming an esthetician doesn’t mean you have to stay in the salon or spa atmosphere. You can go anywhere in the world to work in esthetics. For example, some of the options you may want to research are medical aestheticians, cosmetic buyers and beauty editors– just to name a few! Dig in and ask questions.

We’re here to help you begin your journey, where you take it from here is up to you!

I hope this gave you some inspiration to begin shaping your future in esthetics. I can’t wait to meet you and start this adventure!


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