Love what you do at every age

Love what you do at every age

by Margo Bergman

Margo began her journey as a mature student at HDC in September 2017. She decided to take a leap and make a change for herself, leaving the retail industry to start a new career in hair design.

Margo agreed to share her thoughts on becoming a mature student, and shed some light on the process of getting started and taking that first step for yourself.

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“You did what!?”
“I quit my job to go back to school…..”
“Really?!! Where?!”
“Yes, really. HDC for hair design.”

This has been a part of so many conversations since September 5th, the day I started my journey as a student here at the Hair Design Centre. It is usually followed by wide eyes… a quietly whispered, “wow” and then a statement that makes me feel both proud and slightly sad….. “Good for you! I wish I was brave enough to do something like that!”

Hi, I’m Margo Bergman…. and I did that crazy brave thing. I left my job to start a new career in hair design as a mature student at HDC. The thing is… I didn’t feel brave at all. I felt excited and nervous but most of all, I felt scared. It was a big leap to leave my job and go back to school and I had so many fears as I walked through those doors on the first day. What if I fail? What if I don’t like it? What if I’m not good at it? What if I’m the oldest person in my class? I had a serious case of the debilitating ‘what ifs’.

It’s been three months since I started and I can tell you now that my fears were unfounded….and my experience at HDC has crushed those ‘what ifs’. As long as I show up and give it my all, there’s no chance of failure. How could I not love something that I’ve always secretly wanted to do? And no one is ever perfect at something the first time they try it, but with the quality education I’m getting… I’m not great… yet, but I will be!

Oh…. and the last fear… about being the oldest in my class? Well. I am. By many years. In fact, I’m even older than a few of my instructors! But you know what? I don’t even notice it. Both students and staff are fantastic at making everyone feel welcome. Being immersed in an environment that is positive and energetic makes me feel younger myself! HDC strives to create a culture of PRIDE…the acronym for passion, respect, integrity, dedication, and enthusiasm. Starting and ending everyday with this attitude is rejuvenating at any age!

The most difficult part about going to HDC was making the decision to enroll…. this is an individual and personal element of the process. Although I really liked my previous job in retail and I was doing very well there, I knew that there was no room for growth in the direction I wanted to go if I stayed – and more importantly, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled at a time in my life that when I felt I deserved more self-satisfaction. It was my time to make a change. And I am so glad that I did.

Once I was settled with my decision, HDC made the rest of the process easy. I filled out the online application and set up a meeting with Admissions using the calendar on the website. I met with them and they gave me a thorough explanation of the programs, tuition and a great tour of the facilities. We walked right into classes while in progress, I was introduced to the class and chatted with the class about the program. I really like this transparent full access approach where current students are encouraged to share their experiences with prospective visiting students.

So, if you are like me… wanting a career change, wanting to fulfill a secret desire to enter the field of hair design, esthetics or makeup artistry…. be brave and do something for yourself. Maybe it’s your time to LOVE what you do. I encourage you to take the easy first step by visiting HDC. Make an appointment with Admissions to learn more and tour the school. I also don’t mind sharing my experience further and answering your questions so feel free to ask for me when you visit…. or better yet, book an appointment for a service and we can chat while I help you with your hair needs!

So, if you are like me… wanting a career change, wanting to fulfill a secret desire to enter the field of hair design, esthetics or makeup artistry….be brave and do something for yourself. Maybe it’s your time to LOVE what you do.


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