Launch your career into busy season!

Launch your career into busy season!

by Ally Bishop

Ally Bishop is a recent Hair Design program graduate who successfully obtained a career at the Mic Mac Mall Head Shoppe right after her November 2017 graduation. She dove head first into one of the busiest and times that a stylist has all year with complete confidence thanks to her educators at HDC.



Ally graduated in June and was undecided of her life path, so she took a couple of months to figure out her plan. Ally always knew that she was interested in hair design, but was not convinced that she could have a successful career in the industry, “It’s something that kind of just fell into my lap. I knew I was always interested in hair design, but I didn’t think it was my final plan. That quickly changed once I got on the salon floor.”

After doing some online researching for hair schools in Halifax and asking others for their opinion on the program, she realized that nothing was going to compare to what HDC had to offer, “The reputation of the school is like no other. After going on a salon tour with their Admission Coordinator, I knew that no other school was going to compare—that was the deal breaker for me. I knew I had to go to HDC.”

Ally enrolled in the February 2017 program. This time of year, is slower at HDC since many applicants enroll for the September program after high school graduation. “I loved starting in February. It was a smaller class size compared to the September intake, but I liked that better. I had more one-on-one time with the educators and felt that I could ask more questions.”

All programs at HDC are designed to follow the same type of structure; classroom taught industry theory and safety procedures, hands on learning on mannequins from week one, and then students are put on the salon floor to put their skills to work – with the assistance of their educators. Students are taught the expectations that the salons will have of them including hours, business building goals, and how to obtain a profitable paycheck.  These skills produce strong and talented business professionals who are confident with their skills to succeed. Ally explains, “You have a realistic expectation of what your career will entail from the beginning. While you’re on the floor at school they teach you salon expectations, so you know what will be expected in salon after graduation.”

With the February start, Ally graduated from her program the following November and accepted a job with the Mic Mac Mall Head Shoppe just in time for the holiday rush.

November is arguably one of the busiest times of a stylist’s year. Many clients are looking to get their hair retouched or are even booked in multiple times for holiday party blowouts. The salons are bustling and it’s a demanding change of pace from a typical salon day. Even though it’s an intimidating time of year, it is also an amazing time to build your business as a new stylist.

Many of the established stylists have already pre-booked their clients for the holidays so they have very limited openings. This is a great opportunity for new stylists to work some extra hours and take on new clients that want to be booked in quickly! Once you wow them with your skills, it will be easy to turn that walk-in holiday client to a longstanding appointment client- and Ally did just that.

Ally attributes most of her success to the confidence and skill set the entire HDC program provided, “You need to be committed to all aspects of the program. It’s going to be physically and mentally challenging, but it’s a challenge you won’t regret.”

Jump-start your career by graduating from the Hair Design Program at one of the busiest times of year – enroll at HDC for our February hair intake!

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