HDC Welcomes Elle Munster…

Elle Munster

HDC Welcomes Elle Munster…

Learn from internationally published makeup artist Elle Munster

Elle began her fast-tracked career at our very own HDC in the Makeup Artistry Professional course. With only eight years of experience under her belt, Elle has catapulted her talents into a globally recognized brand. Her accomplishments are truly inspiring, and her journey required lots of determination.

Before pursuing a career in makeup artistry, Elle completed a two-year graphic design course at NSCC. During her studies, she modelled for the photography program which helped her realize how much she loved the beauty industry, which combined two of her favourite things; makeup and creativity. Elle followed her passion and enrolled at the HDC in the Makeup Artistry course.

Elle Munster

Internationally published makeup artist and model, Elle Munster, has joined the HDC team as our new Makeup Educator!

Elle is living proof that persistence and personal drive is the key to success in this industry. She began her career as a Beautician at Shoppers Drug Mart then went to work for M.A.C where she started doing freelance and wedding makeup. From there she was launched into the film industry working on music videos, commercials, TV shows such as Lizzie Borden Chronicles on Netflix, The Mist and short films like The Crescent which was featured at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

“If you have any sort of creative bone in your body you have the freedom to choose a career that allows you to express yourself” said Elle. “This will not only allow you to love what you do every day, it will also give you an outlet to create and have fun while doing it.”

At first, she wanted to build her career in special effect makeup, but she now offers a versatile portfolio. Elle explains, “Being in Halifax you have to learn how to be a jack of all trades to get promoted and to get work. You need to keep pushing for different skill sets.”

Even though Elle has successfully built her brand into the career she dreamt of, she stresses that there is always something new to learn. To further her education after the HDC, she completed the Val Garland Master Program which is an online course led by the Head Makeup Artist for both New York and London’s Fashion Week. Only 1,000 students are hand picked from the list of applicants and Elle was one of them!

Elle is excited to share her journey in the industry with her students. “Becoming a freelance business owner or working on a film set may seem like the most incredible and glamourous career path, however, that it’s not always the easiest path to travel,” explains Elle. “The days are long as well as physically and mentally demanding. Which is why I don’t think students should discredit the retail industry. Employers like Sephora, M.A.C and Shoppers offer stability and security. Even working directly for a cosmetic brand can offer lots of remarkable learning opportunities.”

As a freelance business owner, you need to be self-reliant and always stay on brand. From her professional portfolio to her Instagram page, Elle has consistently promoted herself staying true to her personal brand and standards. She lives by the following rules; always be professional and always be on time. “Social media is the wave of the future. That’s where future and potential clients are looking. So it is so important to promote yourself just as a makeup company would,” explains Elle.

She attributes most of her success (other than her obvious creative natural talents) to the word of mouth referrals that she receives from working with different people. Her photos exude confidence and like any aspect of life; confidence is key. It builds credibility and attracts others to your work. Elle explains, “You will learn a lot about yourself when you own a business and you will learn pretty quickly what to do and what not to do.”

As part of the HDC Makeup Artistry curriculum, you will not only experience hands on teaching with Elle but you will learn the importance of business building and developing your own personal brand. The program gives you the freedom to explore and express your personal brand within the safety of the structured curriculum. You will learn critical business building skills for the development of a long and successful career in makeup artistry, from client attraction as well as retention. You will also be confident with product recommendations, career planning, as well as business and financial management. 

Elle enjoys sharing her journey and her experiences with others, with the goal to inspire others to do the same thing. From her portfolio you can see that there are fun, creative projects but also a balance of other aspects of the industry. Never in a million years did Elle think she would enjoy doing makeup for weddings but now it’s a core component of her business. “If you’re passionate about the field, you can broaden your reach and continue to adapt with the always changing industry so always be open to new paths.”

Elle’s experience, success and versatile skillset to the industry make her the perfect addition to the HDC education team!

If you would like to learn techniques and skills from an internationally published makeup artist like Elle Munster then you NEED to enroll in the HDC Makeup Artistry program.

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