Benefits of Prebooking in Your New Career

Benefits of Prebooking in Your New Career

by Raven Nickerson, Salon Leader

Raven recently joined the HDC team as Salon Leader. She uses her experience in the beauty industry to bring a level of enthusiasm and spunk to the HDC guest services team. With a passion for retail and client service, Raven knows that a happy client is a loyal client!

Take a look at her 5 tips on how prebooking your clients can help you grow your game as a stylist in training.


1. Builds your clientèle

Prebooking clients helps you gain traction as a new stylist building your business.

2. Shows that you value their visits

Clients that feel like their time is valuable will keep returning to a good stylist.

3. Helps gain referrals

The more client referrals you get, the quicker you can jump levels with the company.

4. Adds to your VIP tracking numbers

VIP new client rebook at HDC means HDC dollars toward services and retail product for you!

5. Assures that they will return to the salon

Regular client appointments assure they will keep coming back to the salon. more business for the salon, more business for you as a stylist.

We hope this helped to highlight the importance of prebooking when you start your journey!

We look forward to meeting you!

Study with at HDC for a Career in Hair Design Nova Scotia
Study with at HDC for a Career in Hair Design Nova Scotia
Study with at HDC for a Career in Hair Design Nova Scotia


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