7 things that HDC taught me

Maris Mills at HDC - a career in esthetics in Halifax NS

7 things that HDC taught me

by Maris Mills

Maris Mills graduated from the esthetics program at HDC in June 2016. Since then, Maris has been excelling as an esthetician at Vitality Medi Spa in Halifax. Maris has been involved as a Beauty Expert in many media segments for Vitality Medi Spa and has been featured regionally on CTV’s Live at 5 and CTV Morning Live for her skills and prowess in esthetics. As a recent graduate, Maris understands that embarking on a new journey and starting your career can be nerve-wracking, so she wanted to share with you her top seven things she learned while attending HDC!

Maris Mills at HDC - a career in esthetics in Halifax NS

1. Confidence

There were many times during my 10 months at HDC that I had to step outside of my comfort zone. Whether it was my very first client on the Spa Zone floor, or competing in front of a large audience at the Skills Canada competitions, I was always being challenged and pushed outside my comfort zone. This can be scary at the time, but afterwards, the results can be amazing! It is very gratifying to know that I pushed myself and did something I didn’t think I could. It’s a great feeling to be proud of yourself and to have others proud of you.

2. Patience

You learn how to be patient with yourself and also with others. It can be overwhelming in the beginning, when you’re learning so many new skills and trying to perfect them all. It’s all about practice and seeing what techniques work best for you. You really learn to be patient with yourself; as well as, being patient when working with others. If you are in a difficult situation with a client or a classmate, you will learn how to manage the situation so you can resolve the problem.

3. Timeliness

You will learn how to properly manage your time. It’s very important to make sure you are staying on time while doing services, and to be on time for your next client. Staying productive during downtime is also important; this skill allows you to be more prepared when that busy time comes around again.

4. Professionalism

In your time at HDC, you will learn how to represent yourself in a professional manner. How you present yourself and how you interact with your classmates, instructors and clients is one of the most important factors. Portraying yourself professionally in school will help you build your clientele and will help you to find a future employer.

5. Interacting with people

You will meet all sorts of great people during your time at HDC. However, sometimes there will be situations where a client may not be happy, or a situation where you have different views than a classmate or instructor. You will learn to be professional and patient in these situations, and to find a solution!

6. Dedication

While your time at HDC will be filled with so much fun and many laughs, you will have to work very hard and dedicate yourself to your work. This includes your learning in the Spa Zone with clients, in the classroom and at home. You must be dedicated and you must have the desire to succeed. The support and encouragement from your instructors will help you to stay focused and fine-tune your skills.

7. Never stop learning

One of the most exciting things about this industry is that you never stop learning. There is always a new product, tool or technique for you to try. You graduate school with the skills for the base of your career. After that, your options for furthering your education are endless!

“I loved my time at HDC”

I hope these 7 things have been helpful to make your decision to begin your journey to start a new career. I absolutely loved my time at HDC. I made amazing friends and learned so much in the world of esthetics. I was sad to leave, but excited to be starting my career. I am thankful for the skills my amazing instructors at HDC taught me. With the skills that you learn at HDC you will grow both professionally and personally!

Maris Mills at HDC - a career in esthetics in Halifax NS
Maris Mills at HDC - a career in esthetics in Halifax NS
Maris Mills at HDC - a career in esthetics in Halifax NS


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