5 Tips for New Stylists

5 Tips for New Stylists

by Stephanie Coadic

Stephanie Coadic has been a member of the HDC team as a Salon Floor Educator since 2015, and a stylist since 2010. Teaching has always been a passion, and seeing her students thrive and love what they do is one of Stephanie’s greatest accomplishments. She wanted to share 5 hot tips for new stylists just beginning this industry. Take a look below at these tips to help you begin your journey!


1. Be healthy

As stylists, we tend to fall into the habit of eating out and eating bad food – always make sure you have healthy snacks available.

2. Good shoes

In our profession, we have to look (and feel) good from head to toe – always make sure you keep a comfortable pair of shoes in your locker. You’ll be standing and on your feet for longer periods of time.

3. A black Sharpie

Any senior stylist will agree – we can get really into our work when using Lightener. Typically, when that happens we tend to get a little messy and you’ll find it somewhere on your black clothes. No matter how hard you try, it finds a way! The trick is to keep a black sharpie handy for a quick fix.

4. Straighten up

Posture is a big aspect to being a stylist. Sometimes we tend to forget that our chair moves up and down for our benefit. Always be aware that you’re not hunched over and you’re working at the proper height – you’ll thank yourself later!

5. Brush it off

One last thing to always remember, some guests visit and use their time in your chair to vent about both positive and negative aspects of their lives. This is not a weight that you need to carry every day, so remember to smile and be present in the moment and use your compartmentalization skills before you move on to your next guest.

I hope this has helped…

I hope this high-level overview of a student’s journey at HDC helped with your decision to begin your journey here. I look forward to meeting you!


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